Top Scrabble Help Tips to play Better Games

Scrabble tournaments can be tormenting when you do not exactly know what you’re doing. Well, of course, it all begins with a hobby but eventually for those who plan to take it to the next level, its best to learn all the scrabble help tips they can get. Scrabble is a lot of fun to play but once you get competitive there’s no turning back. These tips can really help you get better at the game and even improve your thinking in terms of formulating words which translates to one thing in scrabble world: winning.

Listed below are some of the best scrabble help tips that can really make you a better player especially when you’re planning to join a tournament. You will find that some of these tips are quite challenging, but once you get the hang of them, your game will improve vastly.

As much as possible play it parallel

When playing scrabble, it is best to play words in a parallel direction. As you may know, the game indicates that when you reuse any of the words on the board, you gain extra points. But in order to be successful at this, you need to be able to come up with at least two words that would match up perfectly with the one on the board. You may use words by adding up an “S” in order to place them in the plural form and gives you that added point. But the bulk of points scored by the best players comes from creating multiple new words in most moves, not just one or two.

Reuse, Recycle

In case you can’t play a parallel word, you may opt to reuse words that already exist on the board. Like what was mentioned on the previous tip, adding “S” to pluralize a word works so you can add up a word that ends with “S” to the existing words to gain more points. Aside from this letter, you can also try using this with other letters that give a higher score.

Bonus Squares Up? Grab the chance!

In cases where in there is an opportunity to use the bonus square, try to score those added bonus points by using it not only once, but twice. This can even be doubled if you play it parallel. This adds up to the original points that you get which can certainly get you ahead in the game. But even if you can't place a high scoring tile on the open bonus square, it is also important to deny your opponent the chance to do this, so its often better to "waste" a bonus tile than let your opponent get a hold of it.

Double it up!

Aside from playing bonus squares parallel, you can also try to double your bonus by playing two bonus squares in a single turn. If you are able to do so, try placing a high scoring tile on the bonus square to shoot up your score. Some player call this "compounding bonus".

Save your “S” and blank tiles

Always remember this scrabble help tip: Your “S” tile and blank tiles are one of the most valuable tiles you can have so do not throw it away on just about any turn. Try to save it up for bigger scoring words like something above the 20 point score.