Scrabble Help Tips – Techniques for Solving Anagrams

If you’re trying to find a way to get ahead on a scrabble game, this article can give you some scrabble help tips to give you that added points you need. A scrabble game is basically a strategy game where in the one who is able to create better scoring words wins. Breaking an anagram has a lot to do with winning a game of scrabble. This is simply because the entire game is based on decoding anagrams.

The game starts off when you get your set of tiles to create words with. This is basically your anagram and you need to be able to create top scoring words with these letters you have in order to win against your opponent. In order to succeed you have to be good at making words out of anagrams which is actually the difficult part. Sure, you can come up with several words, but is that particular word the best one that can come out of your set of tiles? Will this particular word give you a better score than what your opponent came up with?

With scrabble, you need to try to get the highest possible points by creating the most complex, but also most strategical word. This means that you should almost always aim to create words using the more difficult letter tiles. And the only way to successfully do this is by knowing how to solve an anagram. Most scrabble help tips you will find will teach you to decode these letters with a series of techniques or some tips to better understand how to make words.

Here are some examples:

Make your job easier by starting off with prefixes and suffixes

As we were taught in elementary years, a huge number of words in the dictionary contain either a prefix or a suffix. By trying to formulate words by trying to use these two, you can easily add on the other letter tiles left in front of you.

Be a Scrabble Expert, use alphagrams

If you’re wondering what exactly alphagrams are, these are the letters of a particular word arranged in alphabetical order. The whole point of using alphagrams is to use your memory in trying to solve the anagram. This basically, deduces the use of technical anagram solving and adding on a little mechanical memory work. Sure this takes time but once you get used to it, it is quite effective.

Association with pictures and stories

For anagrams that have more than one word in them, you can use a different technique. This scrabble help technique helps you to figure out the words within an anagram by learning through association with pictures or stories. Using different experiences in order to recall something is a very powerful tool that can be used to your advantage.

Anagram Solving Machines

If you have the luxury of time, you can also try figuring out anagrams with the use of a machine. Basically these are programs that you can find on the internet and all you need to do is type the letter combinations in and voila!