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If you have ever played a game of scrabble you know how the arguments can go;
- Zooxanthella? That's definitely not a word!
- Yes it is.
- Well what does it mean then?
- Err, I don't know.
- Then you can't lay it. Pick it up.
- But it is a word!
- Then tell me what it means.
And so the argument continues until the player that laid the disputed word either yields and picks his or her tiles back up, or uses a dictionary to find the word in question. But now, thanks to, the player can type his word into our Scrabble Dictionary app, and find out immediately whether the word is admissible according to the official Scrabble Dictionary or not!

And what does Zooxanthella actually mean? It is an old scientific word, referring to a particular group of golden-brown tiny animals that live in a symbiotic relationship with algae.

Different Countries Use Different Dictionaries

Currently Scrabble Help features only english dictionaries although support for more languages is upcoming. But there are still two dictionaries with subtle differences used in the english speaking world. Below follows a brief description of each dictionary covered on our Scrabble Dictionary page.

Official Tournament and Club Word List or Tournament Word List

The Official Tournament and Club Word List or Tournament Word List, or TWL for short, is the second iteration of the official word list used for Scrabble tournaments and most family leisure games in the USA, Canada and also in Thailand. Our list includes all offensive words which are censored in some "family" versions of the TWL dictionary sold in some stores.


Practically all english speaking countries except for USA and Canada uses the Sowpods dictionary. The name Sowpods stems from a wordplay on the two older Scrabble Dictionaries that Sowpods replaced: OSPD and OSW. You may have come across another Scrabble Dictionary called 'Collins Scrabble Words', abbreviated CSW, but this is actually just Sowpods under a different name. Sowpods contains both typical british english and american english words.