Get Ahead in Scrabble with Blanagrams

If the word seems a little odd or is new to you, blanagrams are actually something that you encounter more often than you think. To define what a blanagram is, this is basically a word that is considered as an anagram for another word. In order to formulate that other word, you need to substitute a letter or two. It should come as no surprise that most competitive Scrabble players are familiar with this particular scrabble help tip since the word came from the game.

Now that we have clearly defined what a blanagram is, you may be wondering what importance this plays in the actual scrabble game. Well, the use of blanagrams can actually help you score better in a game. By familiarizing yourself with the use of blanagrams, you can easily spot when a word can be transformed by using letter tiles that will yield a better score. By rearranging your word by the use of a different tile, you have the option to create more words. Basically, the use of the blanagram is a big scrabble help in the sense that it broadens your options.

Although blanagrams can be a little challenging to learn and get used to, once you get the hang of it, it would not be so difficult. It usually just takes practice to familiarize with the different substitutions you can do to a single set of letter tiles. You also need to remember that using blanagrams also involves a certain level of strategic thinking since you are trying to figure out the strategically best word possible.

The more adept you are at figuring out blanagrams, the more advantage you will have over your opponent. You do not need to struggle with finding just one word since scrambling it all up helps you to think about several words in just one sitting. This not only gives the advantage when scoring but on time as well.

Aside from creating better scoring words with your own tiles, you can also use this technique to figure out better words from your opponents words that are already on the board. By figuring out if there is a blanagram present, you can easily add on letter tiles to get points and save up on your tiles. Who knows, you might even land a bonus square!

Note that a blanagram can consist of not only one word but even several depending on the letter combinations that you have. One way on how to maximize this particular technique to gain an advantage is to try and figure out what the anagram is first then try on each of the letter tiles you have left. Of course, it would be best to try on the highest scoring letter tile first then move on towards the lowest points. This way you do not miss out on any potential letter combinations.

Blanagrams are one of the most convenient scrabble help secrets that competitive players use in order to get better scores. It can be difficult for beginners but with more practice and patience, you’ll soon get the hang of it.