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Scrabble Help

Scrabble Help is a website with a simple tool to help scrabble game players find all the words possible based on the letters you currently have while playing the game. Our scrabble help program quickly ends your frustration while elevating your scrabble skills to a new level. Scrabble help was designed for scrabble assistance by scrabble help expert Andreas Gerdes. Scrabble Help expands your vocabulary while improving your ability to win at scrabble.

Scrabble Word Finder

Most Scrabble players at some point will have turns when they can not find a word to place on the game board. Scrabble Help enhances your ability to create words from odd groups of scrabble letter tiles and can make you a more eloquent player. When you use Scrabble Help and come across new words that you are unfamiliar with, you can always look them up and get the definition of the word before putting it into play.

Game Time Limits

While Scrabble games take an average time of two hours using four players, they have been known to last for several days. It is for that reason that in popular Scrabble competitions, tournaments, and televised matches, scrabble players are given a maximum "time per turn" to build words with their letter tiles. If the player has not placed a word on the scrabble board before the time expires, the player forfeits his or her turn.

Scrabble Help Tool

While visiting Scrabble Help, show courtesy to your opponents by letting them know that you are using a scrabble help website with an anagram solver called Scrabble Help during your game. While this is not a scrabble cheat tool, Scrabble Help creates better players through the consistent use of our free scrabble word possibilities suggestion tools.