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Full Board Scrabble Help

Scrabble Help brings you unprecedented power to solve entire Scrabble games. First enter the tiles that you have on hand in your rack in the top rack section. After you have populated the rack, copy the board that you are playing on into the the Scrabble board below, and click 'Go!'. A sophisticated software program will analyze the game board, and identify all the solutions possible. After it is done, you are presented with the full list of words, ordered by the word that yields the highest score. This is what we call Scrabble Help!

Learning to play in parallel

One of the most important strategies we hope this tool will help you learn is to play in parallel. Once you start thinking in parallel in Scrabble, you will gain the ability to turn almost any tile tile of the Scrabble Board into a bonus tile. By "playing in parallel" we mean to instead of building out a new word in a straight angle away from currently laying words, to place your new word alongside existing words, so that you not only create your primary new word, but also every parallel tile placed creates a secondary word when combining with its neighboring tiles. Lots of amateur players often go for the longest possible word they can think of thinking this will always yield the most points, while a shorter word played in parallel often can yield 3-4x as many points. If you can combine a parallel word with bonus tiles you can often score even higher than a full 7-tile bingo bonus would yield, so improve your Scrabble and start thinking in parallel today!

Beware of enabling your opponent

Another benefit of playing a lot of parallel words is that it often forces your opponent to strike out with longer new words, that he or she has to play in a non-parallel way. This is great for you because it often opens new parallel and bonus tile opportunities for you. But this coin has two sides, your opponent can do the same to you. If you are facing a heavily parallel playing opponent, try to avoid enabling him by avoiding making openings for him. Instead of showing of your prowess by playing a really long word, try placing just a single tile somewhere in order to deny your opponent the openings he needs. This way you can turn the tables on your opponent, and regain the upper hand by playing your own parallel words instead of the other way around.

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